Australia tennis star Nick Kyrgios on Tuesday hit out at tennis legend Boris Becker after his “rat” accusations, calling him a “doughnut”. The Twitter battle started after Kyrgios had posted a video on Instagram slamming fellow-tennis player Alexander Zverev after the German was seen partying, despite promising to self-isolate himself after playing in Novak Djokovic’s Adria Tour event which had resulted in several players testing positive for the coronavirus. Becker didn’t like the fact that Kyrgios coming out in the public and criticising a fellow tennis player.

“Don’t like no #rats ! Anybody telling off fellow sportsman/woman is no friend of mine! Look yourself in the mirror and think your better than us… @NickKyrgios @farfetch,” Becker tweeted.

Responding to Becker’s tweet, Kyrgios wrote that he was not trying to throw anyone under the bus. He explained that he decided to call him out in the public because of the “idiotic” manner in which he disregarded the self-isolation guidelines.

“For goodness sake Boris, I’m not competing or trying to throw anyone under the bus. It’s a global pandemic and if someone is as idiotic as Alex to do what he has done, I’ll call him out for it. Simple,” Kyrgios replied to Becker’s tweet.

Becker, the 52-year-old German, didn’t stop there and suggested Kyrgios that during these difficult times one should rather focus on protecting their families and their loved ones and once again referred to Kyrgios as “rats”.

“We all live in the pandemic called #Covid_19 ! It’s terrible and it killed to many lives…we should protect our families/loved ones and follow the guidelines but still don’t like #rats @NickKyrgios @farfetch,” wrote Becker, who won Wimbledon thrice.

To which Kyrgios replied: “Rats? For holding someone accountable? Strange way to think of it champion, I’m just looking out for people. WHEN my family and families all over the world have respectfully done the right thing. And you have a goose waving his arms around, imma say something”.

“@TheBorisBecker is a bigger doughnut than I thought. can hit a volley, obviously not the sharpest tool in the shed though,” he added.

In the end, Becker tried to calm things down, calling Kyrgios a “funny guy” and asking him how things are currently in Australia and if he is respecting all the guidelines there.

“Your funny guy ….how is it down under? Respect all the guidelines?” Becker tweeted.

Kyrgios, however, was in no mood to shift the focus of whole argument and let it turn into a friendly banter as he wrote: “Haha nah bro I’m good, don’t act like you’re my friend now because you got sat down”.

In the end, Becker took a dig at Kyrgios for not winning a single Grand Slam till date. “I really would like to see @NickKyrgios fulfill his potential and win a grandslam! He would be an incredible role model for the youth of the world addressing the issues of equality/race/heritage! Man up buddy and deliver! @atptour @ITF_Tennis,” Becker replied.

As Becker tried to shift the focus from the initial debate, Kyrgios was once again not impressed as he wrote that the whole argument had nothing to do with tennis and instead of defending his fellow countrymen Becker should have encouraged Zverev to man up and tender an apology for his actions.

“Why are you now talking about tennis? It has nothing to do with tennis? How about the dude who you are defending mans up and gives us some sort of explanation? Not another average management apology,” tweeted the 25-year-old Australian.

Zverev was part of Adria Tour exhibition event in Belgrade, Serbia earlier this month where matches were played in presence of thousands of spectators. While Zverev tested negative for COVID-19, several others including World No. 1 Novak Djokovic who had organised the event, tested positive for the novel coronavirus.


After testing negative Zverev had released a statement vowing to self-isolate, only to be spotted at a busy bar, apparently over the weekend, in footage that went viral, irking many including Kyrgios.

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