Trends in condiments, nonalcoholic cocktails and mixers, and beverages high in prebiotics are the latest SFA Trendspotter picks from the last day of the Winter Fancy Food Show, which closed yesterday at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. The Trendspotter panel, composed of buyers, chefs, and industry watchers, reported on trend findings daily from the show.

Here is some what they found on Day 3 of the Winter Show with a few examples of each. 

Aioli and Mayo-Based Sauces
Creamy aioli and mayonnaise-based sauces are trending, some with global flavor influences and some mashups with other condiments. Examples include Gardel’s Chimichurri Aioli; KPOP Food Kimchi Mayo Sauce; Stonewall Kitchen Country Mayup (a mayonnaise and ketchup blend) and Sea Salt and Vinegar Aioli; and True World Foods Mentaiko, a creamy spicy mayo sauce with Japanese influences. 

No-Alcohol Cocktails
Canned and bottled low- and no-alcohol cocktails that appeal to sophisticated tastes are prevalent. Products at the Winter Show include Hella Cocktail Co. Bitters + Soda, a sophisticated non-alcoholic drink; HopWater H2OPS water, a grown-up beverage with a hoppy taste for a non-alcoholic option; Sant Ivy G&T, a gin and tonic made with real juniper and quinine but no alcohol; and Stella Rosa Watermelon wine with 5 percent alcohol.

Prebiotic-Rich Beverages
Functional beverage were visible throughout the show and those rich in prebiotics especially so. Prebiotics are compounds that nourish good bacteria found in the gastrointestinal tract. Examples from the show include: Mayawell Sparkling Prebiotic Beverage; Teranga Baobab Juice, which has prebiotic properties from the baobab fruit; and Xoca Cacoa Fruit Soda, which has prebiotic benefits and also upcycles a byproduct of the chocolate making process in its production.

A final list of their Official Winter Show Trends will be published soon in Specialty Food News.

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